Divorce Lawyer in Johannesburg

We realise that a legal divorce is an unpleasant period for all the parties involved and unfortunately we cannot change that. However, we can do everything in our power to let the procedure run by as smoothly as possible.

We assure you honest and affordable guidance from beginning to end. A legal procedure such as divorce is a complicated entanglement and without qualified help it is easy to lose track of the situation. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with all sorts of divorce cases, will make sure that the intended targets are reached.


We do not only provide professional and personal assistance from qualified lawyers in Johannesburg, at the same time we also make sure that during the whole process we do not forget about the sensitivity of this all. From custody arrangements to alimentation settlements, all these matters require someone whose willing to listen and understands to situation to its best, and we can assure you all of this.

We are very passionate about our job, and dedicated to make sure you do not have to go through this process alone. Together we discuss what the options are, and never will we cover up nor will we underestimate what the situation is really like. We always try to give genuine advice and make sure that before we go to court you know what is going on and what could possibly happen.

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