Divorce Lawyer Cape Town

Are you thinking about filling in for divorce? Or are you already in the process of legal divorce and do you have trouble agreeing over alimentation arrangements or custody schedules? Are you caught up in the legal maze and looking for trustworthy advice? With all of the above and many more Family and Divorce cases, our lawyers in Cape Town can help you and take some weight of your shoulders.

RightLegal provide affordable and expert guidance throughout the whole divorce procedure. From beginning to end, we pledge to give personal and achievable advice. This is an emotional journey for you and your loved ones, so we take care of every case with the needed understanding. Although we give straightforward and honest advice, never will we be insensitive to what is important to you. Before heading to court we set attainable targets together, and then we do everything necessary to achieve these goals.

We combine expert insight with a human approach. We understand that this is a confusing time and because of that we are willing to listen and find a solution to every setback together. We explore all options and never lose control of the situation. As the legal system is a complex one, we try to communicate everything as understandable as possible. You will be informed about every little thing going on well before time, so you can anticipate when needed.

Divorce is the act that legally ends a marriage, however as though the separation itself is not emotionally straining, it is likewise a complex legal web. In these befuddling times the best thing to do is to contact an expert for counsel. Furthermore, exactly that, is what RightLegal can help you with. When it comes to family and divorce cases, their lawyers can help take some weight off your shoulders. Not only do they provide you with affordable expert advice, but they also ensure that they do not forget about the sensitivity of the situation throughout the procedure.

There is of course the DIY-divorce option that can be applicable if:

  • Your divorce is not opposed and both parties agree

  • Your divorce is not complicated

  • Your marriage survived for a short period of time

  • You do not have any assets to divide

  • There are no arguments about the children

  • You are prepared to do all the paperwork yourself

If the DIY seems like too much of a hassle to you or you do not have the time to do all this for yourself, everything from custody arrangements through to alimentation settlements, RightLegal will take care of it for a very affordable price. Some divorces are finalized within 4 weeks for as little as R6500. Although the time span ultimately relies on the court’s jurisdiction. No need to worry though, the court only has jurisdiction in a divorce action if:

  • “Both parties domiciled in the area of jurisdiction of the court on the date on which the action is instituted; or

  • Both parties ordinarily resident in the area of jurisdiction of the court on the said date and has/have been ordinarily resident in South Africa for a period of not less than one year immediately prior to that date”

At RightLegal they understand that a divorce can be an emotional roller-coaster for family and yourself, thus they tackle every case with a lot of understanding and patience.

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